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Yaupon Creole “Coffee”

Yaupon Creole “Coffee”

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Embrace the warmth and spice with Yaupon Creole “Coffee” a festive blend that captures the essence of a Creole celebration. This aromatic tea combines the robust flavors of native North American yaupon leaves with the earthy bitterness of chicory, creating a harmonious base for the medley of mulling spices. Infused with zesty orange peel, aromatic allspice, and the warming touch of cloves, each sip of Yaupon Creole “Coffee” is a tantalizing experience reminiscent of gatherings and joyful traditions.

Let the enticing aroma and comforting flavors transport you to a cozy fireplace setting, where the spirit of Creole comes alive in a cup. Celebrate the season with this spirited blend, crafted to infuse your heart with the magic of Creole “Coffee”.

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