• Tea Benefits

    Camellia Sinensis contains l-theanine, a beneficial compound that helps to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation and wellbeing. l-theanine doesn’t contribute to drowsiness or a lack of alertness. Instead, the l-theanine present in tea provides a soothing, calming effect without making you feel sleepy!

  • Mamaki Benefits

    Mamaki is a tea that is endemic to the islands of Hawaii. It has a flavor similar to an earthy green tea and provides amazing benefits! Mamaki not only reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, but it also helps circulation in the body. Many runners and bicyclist drink it for post-workout recovery. All of Wynnwood Farms' Tea is now blended with Mamaki!

  • Raw Honey Benefits

    Raw honey is not only high in antioxidants, but it is also anti-bacterial, it helps with digestive issues and it can even help for a sore throat or cough. There are also studies that suggest that raw honey can protect the brain.

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