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Whistle While You Steep - Herbal

Whistle While You Steep - Herbal

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Notes: Ginger, Citrus, and hints of Pepper

A whimsical blend that dances on the palate with every sip. Delight in the vibrant harmony of zesty orange and lemon peel, paired perfectly with the soothing embrace of green rooibos. A touch of ginger adds a warming spice, while hints of strawberry lend a sweet surprise, reminiscent of hidden treasures in a forest glade. Let this enchanting brew serenade your senses, leaving you humming a tune of joy with each delightful cup.

Ingredients: Ginger, Green Rooibos, Red Peppercorn, Natural Ginger Flavor, Blackberry Leaf, Black Peppercorn, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Lime Peel, Marigold Flowers, Mamaki, Strawberries, Natural Peach Flavor, Natural Strawberry Flavor & Natural Orange Flavor

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