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Wynnwood Farms

The Huntsman - Caffeinated

The Huntsman - Caffeinated

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Notes: Yaupon tea with Earl Grey Flavors

This tea is Yaupon Earl Grey in the OG Collection

A bold twist on tradition, where the timeless elegance of Earl Grey meets the untamed spirit of yaupon. Embrace the essence of adventure with each sip as bergamot dances alongside the invigorating notes of yaupon, echoing the call of distant hunts and ancient forests. Let the aroma of this distinguished blend lead you on a journey through time and tales, where every cup is a tribute to the thrill of the hunt.

Ingredients: Yaupon, Blue Cornflower, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Dandelion Leaf, Blackberry Leaf, & Natural Flavors

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