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Wynnwood Farms

Pan's Flight - Caffeinated

Pan's Flight - Caffeinated

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Notes: Butterscotch and Cacao Nibs

A tea that captures the adventurous spirit of Peter Pan. This blend combines the bold flavors of black tea with the sweet allure of butterscotch, reminiscent of the golden treasures found in the Lost Boys' hideout. Cocoa nibs add a hint of richness, symbolizing the thrill of soaring through starlit skies. Dandelion root and leaves lend a grounded earthiness, evoking the rustic charm of Pan's hideaway in the wilds of Neverland.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Marigold, Dandelion Leaf, Mamaki, Cocoa Nibs, & Natural Butterscotch Flavor

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