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Wynnwood Farms

Off To Neverland - Herbal

Off To Neverland - Herbal

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A caffeine-free tea that captures the whimsical essence of hibiscus, coconut, rose, and pineapple flavors. This enchanting blend invites you to escape to a world where time stands still and dreams take flight. Yet, beware the lurking shadows, for even in this sweet sanctuary, the ghostly echoes of Captain Hook's sinister laughter add a touch of spine-chilling thrill. 'Off to Neverland' promises a sip of eternal bliss, laced with the haunting whispers of a timeless adventure

Our Teas

All of our Teas and Herbal Blends are in 30g bags and contain Mamaki

Mystical Mamaki (which is straight Mamaki) is in a 25g bag.

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