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Wynnwood Farms

Gaia's Brew

Gaia's Brew

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Gaia's Brew, a naturally caffeine-free tea inspired by the grounding energy of the earth. This exquisite blend combines the vibrant essence of ripe mangos with the invigorating zest of orange peel, creating a delightful fruity infusion. Infused with the potent dandelion root, Gaia's Brew offers a gentle and soothing experience. Each sip immerses you in the harmonious balance of flavors, transporting you to a tranquil oasis. Unleash the nurturing power of nature with Gaia's Brew and let its earthy essence envelop your senses.

Our Teas

All of our Teas and Herbal Blends are in 30g bags and contain Mamaki

Mystical Mamaki (which is straight Mamaki) is in a 25g bag.

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