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Wynnwood Farms

Eucalyptus Honey - Raw and Unfiltered

Eucalyptus Honey - Raw and Unfiltered

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16oz of our famous Eucalyptus Honey in a glass jar.  Our Eucalyptus honey is from the Eucalyptus forest on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This unique forest setting gives our honey a distinct sweet flavor, while not tasting of Eucalyptus. Its crystallized texture that is rare in the honey world, also adds to its character. As with all our honey, it is raw, unfiltered and comes to you straight out of the hive!

Our Teas

All of our Teas and Herbal Blends are in 30g bags and contain Mamaki

Mystical Mamaki (which is straight Mamaki) is in a 25g bag.

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